Is your little girl pleading to get the My Little Pony toy series? Don’t delay, and gift her one because the craze is all over the world. The My Little Pony toy line was first produced in 1981 by Steve D’Aguanno, Charles Muenchinger, and Bonnie Zacherle. If you have seen the Barbie series, you will understand why your child is requesting for the My Little Pony toys. All the ponies in the series have manes, colorful bodies, and a unique identity symbol on one of their flanks. These symbols are also known as “cutie marks.” Over the years, the series was revamped quite a few times to introduced new and modern looks to make them appealing to the current generation.

The Toy Set

The My Little Pony toy set has six popular pony characters. Once you open the toy set, you enter into a world of magical friendship. The story of My Little Pony revolves around the 6 Mane friends who always stick together as their adventures start in the town of Ponyville. All the 6 Manes will move to the world of Equestria, and find out what’s in store for them. The toy set is inspired by the very famous animated TV series Friendship is Magic.

The names of the 6 Manes are Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy. Their iconic poses and signature expressions are etched to perfection in the toys.

Why is My Little Pony Famous?

Ever since the TV series went on air, My Little Pony has become a global brand. It also has millions of adult fans apart from the zillions of children fans. The story of the 6 Manes is so fascinating that even you will fall in love with the characters immediately. It starts around the character Twilight Sparkle who lives with 5 of her friends in Ponyville. Rarity is known as the glam pony, Applejack as the country pony, Twilight Sparkle as the unicorn pony, Fluttershy as the shy pony, and Rainbow Dash as the tomboy pony. Pinkie Pie gets her name because everyone calls her that. Together, there are known as the Mane Six.

The game revolves around low-stake obstacles that the Manes have to overcome. Their method of overcoming the challenges involves the various lessons of friendship that has one thing in common – Magic.

The Stuff That Kids Love

Kids love toys, and My Little Pony is one of the most popular toy franchises in the world that has come up with this unique toy line. Your kids will love it if you bring them a set of My Little Pony and also make them watch the animated series. The show is simple with lots of friendship values and lessons that your children can implement while playing with the Manes.

Your little girls will spend hours with the toys, especially if they know the stories well. The light-hearted dialogues in the stories are an excellent way to teach children a lot about friendship while playing a game.

The Toy Or The Series – Which Comes First?

If you had no idea about My Little Pony earlier, you should know that the toy franchise comes first, and then the animated series. Your kids will probably do it the other way round. They will first watch the series, fall in love with the characters and the stories almost instantly, and want the toys to once they finish watching the series.

Apart from the My Little Pony characters available in toys, you can also search for their homes, dresses, and accessories. Your kids will love to dress their favorite characters according to their wish. They would want to dress up Rarity first because she is a bit of a diva. All the characters are so well-developed that even you would want to watch a few episodes, and play along with your kids in your spare time.

What To Expect?

Your kids won’t come out of their rooms once they get these toys in hand. Or maybe they will while they take a bath with their favorite Mane characters. Don’t worry; the toys are waterproof. With the big doodling eyes and colorful bodies, you may even join your kids when they play. You can also add some My Little Pony Coloring Pages to make things more interesting.