Most people think that dogs are cool pets, and others are cat lovers. Some love both. In either case, though, do they have eyes which glow in different colors just to show you how they’re actually feeling at the time? Is it possible to wrap one of them around your waist? Can you wear them on a backpack? Or even in your hair? Can you play the game of freeze dance with any of them? It’s likely that you can’t. If you can, you might want to get them to the vet.

Pomsies are a toy from Skyrocket. They’re interactive pets which you can cuddle, play games with, or even wear as accessories. The look just like huge pom-poms, and they have big sparkly ears and eyes. They also have very long and bendable tails which can get attached to things so you can take them with you on the go if you want. At the time of writing, pomsies were available in six different characters.

Pomsies are more than just some pretty faces. You can play with them in two different ways. The first is Virtual Pet mode, and the second is Freeze Dance Mode.

The first time you turn on any Pomsie, it’s going to be in the pet mode. It’s got built-in sensor hidden in the plush that makes it react to things like movement and touch. It has eyes which change colors to show its mood, and it even comes with a handy chart which will show you how to care for it.

Teal eyes are a good thing because they indicate happiness. Pet your Pomsie on its back, tap its nose, or just shake it to interact. You can also touch the head and mouth, and if it really is an in a good mood, it might giggle, purr, or even vibrate. Press the mouth and back simultaneously, and you might even hear a toot.

Yellow eyes indicate hunger. Just press Pomsies on their mouths to ‘feed’ them. They’ll start making ‘nom nom nom’ noises, with an occasional burp. Overfeed them, and the eyes will go green, indicating hiccups. Fortunately, you can shake them to make hiccups go away.

If they’re not feeling well, they’ll have blue eyes. Tap their noses to get them feeling better after sneezes. If they happen to cough, then cover their mouths; no sense spreading Pomsie germs. Hug Pomsies when they shiver in order to get their touch back up to a warm level.

Pink eyes are fun because they’re feeling giggly. This is tickle time so you can get all of their sillies out.

You’re doing well if you see rainbow eyes because that’s when they’re really happy! The more you care for Pomsies, the more likely you are to see these rainbow eyes. Once you get five rainbows, you’ll get treated to a happy song. You can shake Pomsies along with the beat of their music, or you can shake them faster to speed up their jingle.

Freeze dance mode is great since everyone needs a dance break once in a while. This game is built right into the plush. You press the nose and hold it for 1 second in order to activate dance mode. That shows up as purple eyes. When you hear the whistle blow, you shake Pomsies to their musical beat. The faster you do the shaking, then the faster the music will play. When the next whistle sounds, it’s time to freeze!

Kids can play with Pomsies alone, or with friends. They also don’t tire of Pomsies quickly given the 50 various reactions that can be had from these cute critters. If you hope your kid will be a responsible pet owner down the road, these toys are even slightly useful as educational toys or ways to break in concepts about caring for animals.

These toys were a smash hit in many families and neighborhoods for Christmas 2018, and their popularity doesn’t seem to be waning in the new year. Whether or not they’ll be another ‘must have’ for the holidays of 2019 remains to be seen, since many toys don’t get to be the hot toy two years running. Still, these critters seem to be here to stay.