Want to connect to thousands of surprises in the virtual world? Get ready for it with the all-new Furby Connect World App. The concept of Furby Boom goes back to 1998 when Tiger Electronics created this electronic robot toy. It resembles an owl-like creature and became an instant hit among children. The trend continues even today with children using their Furby Boom toy and linking it with the Furby Boom app.

Using the Furby Boom App

Furby has gone past last year’s best-selling toy in Christmas to become the leading favorites among children this year. With the relaunch, the toy allows children to use an app for interactive sessions with their Furbies. The app also lets the users hatch Furblings. You can download the app on your mobile, link it with the model of Furby Boom you purchases for your kids.

There are loads to play for in this app. It comes with optional items that you may or may not purchase from the app. Here are some of the things that your kids can do with their Furby Boom and the app:

• Feed their Furby Boom with more than 50 different varieties of food.

• Teach their Furby Boom its name.

• Give them an x-ray if your child thinks there is something wrong with their health.

• Shower their Furby Boom and keep them clean.

• Let them use their bathrooms.

• Assist them to lay and hatch virtual eggs.

• Treat a Furby Boom when it is sick.

The Furby Boom toy has immense popularity throughout the globe. Children drive their parents crazy to buy one of these toys. Now that the makers have allowed the users to connect their toy with an app, your children will remain busy with the Furby Boom the whole day. They can unlock virtual Furby worlds in the app where they can see a new generation hatching.

Grow your own Furby Boom

One of the biggest surprises that the makers have introduced in the new versions of Furby Boom is children can hatch virtual Furblings, give them a name, teach them various phrases, and interact with them using the same phrases. This connection between the real world and the virtual world offers a unique experience to children, and that is the reason for such a huge craze to buy the toys. From changing personalities to treating your Furby, there are so many things that your children can do with the toy and the app. They can teach their Furblings to speak French, dance to the tune of music, and spend hours interacting with them. The objective is to strive to hatch more Furblings and raise enough of them so that your children have an opportunity to win the golden egg.

Playing Furby Boom without the toy

Those who don’t have a Furby Boom toy yet can also enjoy the virtual game. Download the app on your mobile and follow the instructions. You will be able to do the following:

• Hatch adorable baby Furbies.
• Clean and feed them daily. There will be three fun games to play with the Furblings that hatched under your profile.
• Decorate the rooms of your Furblings to make them an ideal place to live in.
• Create an entire neighborhood with Firblings to stand a chance to win the rare Golden Furbling.

Your Furby Booms can hatch more than 50 virtual eggs. You need to take care of these eggs, match them with friends, and collect more eggs as you build a neighborhood. As your game progresses, you will collect and hatch more Furblings eggs.

The evolved memory of your Furby will enable it to remember its name, the phrases you teach, and the names of its friends. However, you need to be careful of your Furby’s needs. Keep tracking its hunger, health, and cleanliness levels to ensure that all your Furbies stay healthy. The better you manage your Furbies, the more chances you have to earn the Golden Egg. When you care for your Furby, it will take care of you too by preparing to hatch its first egg. The game will continue unless you reach the highest level of Furbies and wait for the Golden Egg to arrive.