For many decades Hot Wheels have been a favorite toy for many young children. The original intention of these toy cars was to be fantasy vehicles that represented ideas beyond what was available in real cars of the time. This meant that the vehicle’s had paint jobs with elaborate flames on them and huge rear tires along with other features that made them stand out. Here we’ll take a look at 4 facts about Hot Wheels that you didn’t know.

1. A Toy Car That Cost More Than The Real Thing

Because this toy is such a big favorite of many children growing up it stands to reason that they would become collector’s items. Although these cars were always made for children they eventually became something that many adults enjoy collecting. This phenomenon has made many of the favorite hot wheels very valuable.

There are quite a few that are worth a few hundred dollars. There are some that are worth a few thousand dollars. But a pink Volkswagen holds the record for being the most expensive above all the others save one special edition that will be mentioned later. The Beach Bomb is estimated to be valued at over $70,000. There are others that are also valuable.

There is a Red Python that’s valued at over $10,000 and a White Camaro that can be yours for only $2,500. The average person who enjoys these cars is not going to invest that kind of money. Even so, there are many that can be purchased or traded for less and many favorites of those who have them.

2. Diamond Covered Tiny Toy Cost As Much As A Small House

Mattel decided that to celebrate their 40th anniversary they would make one of their tiny cars they would be unlike any other before it. How they accomplished this was by taking 2700 diamonds that amounted to 23 carrots and placed those onto an 18 karat white gold body. The value of the car is somewhere around $150,000.

At auction, it could go for any price as that is the nature of an auction. Those who are collector enthusiasts would be bidding on a true one-of-a-kind item. Such an item that is truly the only one that exists in the world often drives up the price at an auction. In addition to this tiny toy being made to celebrate the company’s 40th year of this toy, it is also in celebration of the fact that there have been four billion of these toy cars made before it.

The tail lights of this car are made of red rubies and it has a custom case that holds 40 white diamonds that represents the 40-year legacy of these toys. This car was first shown by Nick Lachey. Company leaders said that they believe it is a fitting way to celebrate a milestone year in the making of this iconic toy.

3. The Original Head Of Development Was A Rocket Scientist

Jack Ryan was a genuine rocket scientist who helped develop the Sparrow and Hawk missiles. He had a substantial knowledge in using high-tech materials and it was this reason Mattel chose to hire him for the position. It is believed that it was this reason that these cars rolled well and would often go extremely fast down a track. This was due to the extraordinary bearings the cars had.

4. Many Of The Cars Were Designed By Genuine Car Designers

It is speculated that many of the early designs of these cars were concept ideas that didn’t ultimately come to market in the real world. What isn’t speculated is the fact that many of the most notable creators of these cars were legitimate car designers. Their day jobs were designing real cars that went to market.

They also worked with Mattel in designing some of the most popular cars sold as toys. It is very likely that one of the reasons they came to be enjoyed by so many young boys is the fact that these were cars that were originally conceived to be real cars that would be ultimately sold to the public. For one reason or another, the car manufacturers decided not to go with those particular designs and they then became some of the more iconic designs of these toy cars.