Ever seen your kids watch the PAW Patrol series on TV? The show is so exciting that you won’t be able to keep them away from it for long. Ryder, along with his PAW Patrol dogs goes on rescue missions every week. They train every day, and each of Ryder’s pups is inspired by some of the real-world workers such as construction worker, police officer, and firefighter. The team lives in an imaginary city known as Adventure Bay, and whenever trouble strikes in this city, the PAW Patrol team reaches the location to save everyone.

Learning PAW Patrol values

Kids love every character in the PAW Patrol team. Their bonding to keep Adventure Bay free from the troubles is a fun way for kids to learn heroism and bravery. The problems can be anything under the sun such as rescuing a cat stuck in a tree or a train that ran off track. Most importantly, when these on-screen heroes are made into miniature toys with proper rescue equipment and tools, kids can’t stop, but play with them the entire day.

PAW Patrol has also launched a series of toys based on the TV show. The makers are trying to instill in kids the value of training and caring for everyone in society. Ryder and his PAW Patrol team care for animals in Adventure Bay. Their association with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is an example of how serious the show producers are on this subject. The toys are a reflection of the characters on the show.

What to expect from the toys?

One of the best things about the toys is that they are available with various obstacles and problems that are directly inspired by the animated series. For example, if you buy Ryder and the other members of the PAW Patrol team, you will also need to buy some machines that will help them overcome the hurdles in Adventure Bay. Some of the common tools that your kids can use are the Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck, Chases’s Ride n Rescue vehicle, and so on. Some of the toys are available in sets along with their machines and tools to solve the problems in Adventure Bay. For example, the Ultimate Rescue Construction Chase is a toy set where Chase goes on a rescue mission wearing his rescue construction uniform that includes a flip-open backpack, a safety hat, and rescue gears.

Kids need to press the button on Chase’s collar and watch how he opens his flip-open backpack to get his tools. To make it more interesting, your kids can add safety cones along with other tools to make the rescue safer. Kids usually engage in playing with these toys for hours as they create new stories with their imagination. The more problems they come up with to hit Adventure Bay, the PAW Patrol defends their city with all their might. No issue is too big or small for Ryder and his pups. It will be best if you can add to the characters by bringing home the entire collection of the rescue team.

Play along with your kids

The PAW Patrol franchise is not limited to just toys. They also have a rescue board game that your kids and their friends will enjoy. In the board game, a storm hits Adventure Bay, and everything is scattered on the beach. The PAW Patrol team needs to clean the beach up by moving their motor, turning tokens into tools, using the tools to clean, and earning bonus points along the way. If anyone wins a Triple Treat token, he/she wins 30 points. The player with maximum points after using all the tokens wins.

This is one of the most exciting board games ever that come with a purpose and teaches kids about teamwork. A maximum of four players can play this game at a time. If your kids don’t have anyone to play with, you can join in and see how the story of Ryder and the PAW Patrol team unfolds as you open one token after another.

With so many varieties of toys and games to play, your kids will never tire of the stories. Watch the animated series with them and buy the entire toy line to keep them engaged for hours.