Therapeutic Benefits of Printable Coloring Pages

adult coloring books

Art therapy and the use of adult coloring pages actually provides real help and therapy to adults according to the American Art Therapy Association. This is due to the fact that it helps adults to truly explore their feelings, become more self aware, reduce stress and anxiety, deal with emotional problems, deal with addictions and negative behaviors etc.

Adult coloring is one way that you can start with art therapy and there are actually hundreds, if not thousands of adult coloring books that you can purchase online or at your local bookstore. Now, adult coloring books are nothing like children’s coloring books as these adult coloring books are printed on extremely high quality paper and feature calming yet complex designs. These adult coloring books are definitely not for kids as they have highly intricate designs depending on the particular theme that you choose. You can select from animal themed books to mandalas etc. With that said, we will now take a closer look at the benefits of using these books.

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Many adults suffer from anxiety where they deal with insomnia, chills, fever etc. Anxiety causes a whirlwind of negative thoughts and feelings, but it is possible to reduce anxiety by using an adult coloring book. This is due to the fact that coloring helps create feelings of peace and mindfulness which naturally reduces anxiety. By focusing completely on coloring, you’ll start to feel much more at peace with yourself and in control of your emotions. This not only results in reduced anxiety but significantly lower stress levels.

Excellent Brain Exercise

Did you know that coloring actually activates both your left and right brain? Coloring is a full brain workout which is something everyone should do on a regular basis. Basically, coloring allows you to employ your creative side since you have to choose specific colors in order to make the entire image aesthetic. It also employs your more rational side since you need to solve problems while coloring as well as employ your fine motor skills to actually color the image properly.

Great Form Of Meditation

Now, this may be surprising to you, however, you can use adult coloring as a way to meditate and actually achieve a higher state of consciousness. While in the process of coloring, you can actually enter a somewhat hypnotic state which helps you to become more mindful and at peace as well as develop a much better understanding of yourself and the world. This is essentially active meditation since you’re tuning out the world while spending time with a quiet mind.

Great Therapy For Persons With Certain Diseases

Adult coloring is also a very helpful therapy for people who suffer from diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, dementia etc. For example, even though art therapy cannot cure cancer, many cancer treatments cause a great deal of depression and distress. However, adult coloring can actually help to boost the morale and disposition of cancer patients. It also helps people who suffer from epilepsy by actually reducing epileptic attacks. This is due the fact that coloring is a very relaxing activity and the concentration and mindfulness required reduces epileptic episodes.

Helps Deal With Negative Emotions

Most people have a lot of negative emotions that they deal with on an daily basis due to health, work, bills, money, fears etc. However, adult coloring has been found to actually make these negative emotions reduce and become replaced with more positive feelings such as happiness and creativity.


To wrap things up, we have just looked at some of the benefits of art therapy using adult coloring books. This is truly a fantastic activity that can improve your life, so be sure to start coloring yourself so you can enjoy the benefits listed above.