As a parent, it can be very difficult to understand why kids become so obsessed with different toys. This is especially true when the line of toys are as small as Shopkins are. However, Shopkins remain one of the most popular toy lines on the entire market. With closer inspection, it can be easy to see why Shopkins are so in demand. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons kids absolutely love Shopkins toys.

Reasons Kids Love Shopkins and Why You Should Too:

1. Kids Love Collecting.

One of the main reasons the entire line of toys is so desirable for kids has to do with the fact they are essentially collector’s items. Kids love to collect things and trade them with their friends. In the past, you might have collected various types of toys which could have ranged from baseball cards to Pokemon cards. Needless to say, kids have always been collectors and absolutely love to collect things. Shopkins appeals to kids in this way because they offer all kinds of different collector’s items.

2. Kids Love Surprises.

Another reason your kid would fall in love with these toys has to do with the brand tapping into the element of surprise. Kids are absolutely enamored with being surprised and getting something that was unexpected. Because these toys come in ‘blind boxes’ a majority of the time, your kids are not going to know exactly what is in it until they open it. This type of surprise can be a reward in itself. The thought of being able to get their dream Shopkins item is something that generally drives them.

Why You Should Love Them:

1. They Are Very Small.

One of the main reasons parents should fall in love with the Shopkins line has to do with their size. Unlike a lot of the other toys, your kids likely have, Shopkins are not going to take up too much space in your playroom. If you have ever given your kids bulky toys, you are likely well aware of how rare this is and how valuable it is to have toys that your kids love that aren’t space-eaters. Things can get very tricky when you are forced to store your kid’s toys without any space to do so. With Shopkins, you are never going to run into this problem because the actual toys themselves are very small and they typically come with their own containers which encourages organization.

2. They Are Affordable.

Another reason you should fall in love with this brand yourself has to do with the low cost associated with them. Unlike a lot of the other licensed toys on the marketplace, you are not going to have to pay a significant up-charge for buying some licensed toy of a character on their favorite television show. Instead, you will be buying into an inexpensive collecting hobby. While there are certain rare Shopkins toys that will cost a lot of money to purchase after the fact, your kids are generally going to be happy with the toys they end up getting. You will be able to give them a consistent stream of these toys for a fraction of the cost that it would take to purchase some of the other licensed toys on the market.

3. They Aren’t Annoying.

One of the main reasons parents should absolutely adore these toys is the fact that they are not going to spew out loud music nor do they talk. You won’t have to worry about having loud toys barking or making a lot of noise throughout your house. Instead, these toys encourage creative and imaginative play which is going to be a good shift for those that are looking to find toys that their kids are going to be able to grow with. Your kids will find their own ways to play with these toys which can be beneficial for their development.

Overall, there are a lot of different things that kids love about this line of toys that make it one of the most popular currently on the market. However, parents should be glad Shopkins is on the rise because it has a lot of advantages over some of the other toy lines that are typically found at the top of the most wanted list.