There are thousands of toys that are released every year. Some become popular while others are forgotten as soon as they reach the market. Hatchimals is an example of popular toys that each child wants to have. This particular toy was released in 2016 and is still considered to be a favorite toy for most kids who are under the age of five. If you are planning to get hatchimals for your kids, here are a few things you should know about this robotic toy.

Learn About Hatchimals.

Hatchimals are interactive pets that teach kids to be responsible while having fun. The developer of the toy known as Spin master, come up with this incredible concept of creating an anticipated toy that hatches. After hatching from a colorful speckled egg, the next job is to take care of the hatchimal until it grows. Here is what you should expect after buying this unique toy.

1. Choose The Species.

Hatchimals do not look the same. Therefore, do not expect your hatchimal to be similar to the ones you see on television. However, they all play the same role and raised the same way. Another factor you need to acknowledge is that you will never know the color of your hatchimal until it hatches. Besides the color of the hatchimal, you will also find out what it looks like after the hatching process.

2. Help The Hatchimal Grow.

Once the hatchimal has hatched from its egg, your child will help it grow through different stages. The hatchimal undergoes through five stages. At each stage, the hatchimal will need special care in order to make it through all the four stages until it reaches the fifth stage which is the final stage. When the hatchimal is still inside the egg, this is considered to be stage one.

The second stage is after the hatchimal has hatched. In this stage, your hatchimal will not only hatch but it will also start pecking and making small movements. At stage three the hatchimal can learn how to interact and you can continue to pet it until you reach the final stage. However, you also need to remember that each stage unlocks new games and interactions for the hatchimal.

3. How To Determine Which Stage Your Hatchimal Is.

If your kids are not sure of which stage the hatchimal is in, you can easily determine this by checking the eye color of the hatchimal. However, this can only be done after the second stage. If the eye color of your hatchimal is yellow, that means that it is in stage 3. At this stage you will also hear the hatchimal giggling.

When the hatchimal eyes turn purple, that means that it has progressed to stage 4 which is also referred to as a toddler stage. At this stage, your hatchimal will be more active and it will spend most of its time dancing around. The hatchimal eyes turn red when it reaches the final stage.

4. Hatchimals Are Not Connected To Any App.

Most interactive pets are connected to an app, which help to set up or control the toy. However, when it comes to hatchimals, there is no app that this toy is connected too. Therefore, kids can have fun with this toy without having to worry about any app setting or preparation. Once the hatchimal hatches, it is up to you or your child to take care of the pet and teach it how to walk, play games and even dance.

5. Read The Instruction Booklet.

Even though hatchimals may seem easy to take care off, it is important that you read the instruction booklet that comes with the toy. By reading the instructions, you will learn the best way to take care of your hatchimal without causing any damage to this unique toy. Moreover, the instruction guide will also explain further on how to interact with your hatchimal.


Hatchimals are becoming popular each day. That is because these toys are fun to play with and keep kids busy all day. Moreover, they are easy to find an affordable compared to most interactive pets that are found in the market. You can shop for hatchimals on Amazon, Walmart and also at local stores.