Do you remember having or playing with LEGO toys when you were a kid? Most of you will definitely remember them, and if you had a childhood without them, then you really missed out. Still, some people discover or rediscover them later in life when they become parents or take care of nieces and nephews. Most people that touch them wind up loving them. They seem to cross genders, cultures, and many other demographics.

For all the different toys that people play with as a kid, it’s actually quite remarkable how so many don’t wind up outgrowing their love for LEGO toys. Even in an age of Wi-Fi at home and iPads, kids spend countless hours playing with these. Also, quite a few adults have started collecting them. They come in so many different sets know, with various themes ranging from specific franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter to more traditional lines like pirates, Vikings, and robots.

Even with just the basic blue, red, yellow, white, green, and other colors of bricks, it’s astounding how many people love Lego toys, and yet why is this? Have you ever stopped to consider why you love Legos still? Or why your kids do? There might not be one specific reason. In fact, there might be more than one that applies to you or anyone else.

For starters, it makes people creative. With the many different pieces, Lego bricks can tickle your imagination because you can create nearly anything that you want to make. You might just build a neighborhood of basic houses or buildings, but you can also build jets and fly them around the room. This toy is the chance to demonstrate your creativity.

Secondly, it’s relaxing. When it all comes down to it, these are the kinds of toys that can help young kids forget a bad visit to the dentist, students a hard day at school, and even adults how much they might hate their job. When you sit down and start linking pieces together, it starts relieving your stress since you’re focusing your mind on making something nice. That’s a great alternative to lingering on your daily stress.

Third, they make you feel younger again. Adults feel like kids again, if only for an hour. That usually will make them happy. Even college kids or teenagers might dial back the clock a bit and remember happier or at least simpler years. There are those who say that old folks shouldn’t play with any toys, but this particular toy is a very powerful counterargument.

Fourth, there is a sense of freedom with these. You can design anything you want, and so you have the right to do anything that you want with it. That even means designing it however you want. While there are actually Lego construction competitions out there, unless you actually participate in one, you can’t pass or fail or ever be judged about how well or poorly you supposedly do. Anyone that does judge you just doesn’t get it, so don’t share your Lego bricks with them, ever.

Fifth, it’s just fun. Freedom and creativity are great in their own right, as is feeling young again, but playing with Lego toys should above all else just be fun and entertaining. Your imagination likely doesn’t get to come out much as an adult, or even in later childhood. It’s a rare chance to express your mental ideas physically in a concrete form.

Lastly, these toys can become new toys every single day. Whenever you build something, you can disassemble it when the day is over. This fresh start means you can make a whole new toy when you sit down to play again. It’s not like the old toys are lost, as you can always rebuild them. You can take pride in your creations, and the good ones will keep showing up time and time again.

The only potential downsides to Lego toys these days might be the fact that there are so many of them to choose from, as well as the prices. The popularity of them and exploding secondary market of collectors has driven up the cost of them over the last few decades.