My Little Pony has been one of the most watched shows for years now. A lot of the topics on the show itself are teen-focused, the episodes offer a lot for kids over the age of 6. Not only do the shows transmit messages of working well in a team and being responsible, but it also showcases the importance of hard work. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons kids absolutely love Equestria Girls toys.

Reasons Kids Love Equestria Girls Toys:

1. The Show.

One of the main reasons kids love these toys has to do with their love for the show. The show itself is not only entertaining, but it gets kids very immersed into the world and emotionally attached to the characters. This particular collection offers unique versions of the characters on the show. The show itself features the girls taking on their greatest challenge yet which is high school.

2. The Dolls Are Highly Customizable.

Another reason a lot of kids love these dolls and toys is the fact that they are generally highly customizable. Hasbro revamped a lot of the dolls in order to not only make them much more fashionable, but also to make them much more customizable. This means that kids will be able to customize the fashion on the dolls and every single look that they will find will be inspired by the looks the characters feature on the show. This will allow your kids to have a doll of some of their favorite characters from their favorite shows.

3. They Can Be Great For Collecting.

Another reason a lot of kids are likely to be interested in this line of toys has to do with them being collector’s items. Your kids are going to want to collect all of their favorite toys and each doll comes with its very own customizable set of clothing that is inspired by the show. Therefore, each doll is unique and they are likely going to want them all. The good thing about a lot of the toys in the Equestria line and collection is the fact that a majority of them are going to be very affordable.

4. It’s Newer.

The Equestria Girls series is a newer take on My Little Pony and it constantly has new seasons and episodes rolling out. Your kids are going to want to keep up with the latest seasons and episodes on the show with the latest toy releases. Hasbro is constantly updating the line and releasing new dolls inspired by the new seasons which makes it fun to keep up with. Kids love things that are new. It allows them to discuss the show with their friends and to use the dolls that they have in order to recreate their favorite episodes and scenes.

5. Different Characters.

The show itself features all kinds of different characters that your kids will be able to relate to. Because of the diverse range of characters that are featured on the show, your kids will always be able to find one that they relate to and that they can connect with. This only increases their engagement with the show and makes them even more interested in it. With a variety of characters, it really offers a lot for different kids.

There are many reasons the Equestria Girls is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is the show itself very entertaining for kids, but it teaches them valuable lessons and is a really good development show that they can learn from. If you are going to be purchasing some of the toys from the Equestria line, you will want to try to figure out what some of their favorite characters are. They have a lot of different characters so you want to get them the toys that represent their favorite ones. Along with this, you will want to get them different toys that they will be able to use to play with and use their own imagination. This show and line of toys are really great for encouraging your kids to use their own creativity and to inject their own personality into the character they get with different stylistic options they will be able to use.